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The project has been recognized by Portland MonthlyThe New York TimesPortland Business Journal, and NPR, as Siteworks was able to secure funding and incentives through BETC tax credits, PDS Gap financing, and the Oregon Energy Trust.

pine street market

Pine Street Market is an exciting new food hall and culinary themed marketplace located in the Market District of Portland, Oregon.  Inspired by similar projects like Oxbow Market in Napa, Gotham Market in New York City and the forthcoming James Beard Public Market. 


Architecture.  Design.  Construction.  Makers lab with a robot.  

Siteworks is a creatively led company that harnesses the Design-Build process to help clients realize their vision, express their truth, and access their purpose through built environments. Siteworks believes that Design-Build equals continuity across all aspects of the branding, design, and construction process, making tangible the connection between ingenuity and possibility...

Monte vista

in progress...