“With ecoFLATS, JP Veillet & his team decided to be a ‘part of the solution’ by balancing simplicity, sophistication, and sustainability, not to mention the difficult balance of achieving commercial success with a progressive approach.”

James Curleigh, EVP & President, Global Levi’s Brand


“Thanks JP. So much fun on our end. Just Amazing!” On working with Siteworks in the development of their first production brewery. 30BBL brew haus and 60,000 BBl/ yr facility.

Scott Lawrence. Breakside Brewery


“I LOVE the Ecoflats! This is the type of people-first green building project that we should replicating by the hundreds, all over the Northwest. It seems like Jean-Pierre has really put a lot of thought into a compact, energy-conserving, transit-oriented green development that really maximizes what makes Portland such a special place. All this and solar too!”

Jerry Yudelson, PE, LEED Fellow, Principal, Yudelson Associates


“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jean-Pierre Veillet for ten years and working with him on our Board of Governors [at PNCA] for three. A few things stand out: his passion for good, buildable design; his drive for fully integrating creativity and community; and his commitment to helping younger designers and artists change the world through their work. Jean-Pierre is also a PNCA alum.”

Tom Manley, President, Pacific Northwest College of Art